TV/Web Spots

  • TV Spots and Dramas

    TV Spots and Dramas

    We strategize, write and produce killer TV spots, web spots, :15 and :30 second commercials, dramas of all kinds. We have produced regional and national TV spots, infomercials, and even worked on Super Bowl spots. Writing for and directing actors, and producing engaging live-action video is a special skill. It’s a technique that can be right for business, but you must have a strategy for why you believe a commercial or a dramatic video is right for your company. We can help.

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  • Beckwith Thurman TV Spot

    Beckwith Thurman TV Spot

    We produced this spot for Beyond Words Publishing’s big spiritual event, wherein New Thought leader Michael Bernard Beckwith and the American Buddhist writer Robert Thurman conducted a fascinating, two-hour discussion on life and existence. The event promoted the DVD of the event, “Transforming Awareness.”

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  • Reinventing the Product Video #2

    Reinventing the Product Video #2

    We wrote and produced this modern update of the popular After School Specials for a special client, who makes great audio products for the education market globally. The video, based on documentary video interviews we did with teachers and students who have gotten great benefit out of the product in pilot programs across America, honors the hard work and successes of educators and kids in today’s classrooms.

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  • Whiteboard TV Commercial for Viaero Wireless

    Whiteboard TV Commercial for Viaero Wireless

    This upbeat :30 TV spot was done on a whiteboard to illustrate the great deals on iPhone’s when the Western-states Viearo Wireless began carrying the phones. It was one of a series of videos we wrote, produced and directed for the innovative regional phone service provider.

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  • Reinventing the Product Video #1

    Reinventing the Product Video #1

    For the innovative classroom audio company Lightspeed Technologies we wrote and produced this modern-day After School Special, based on true stories of how U.S. teachers and students are leveraging the company’s amazing Flexcat product to facilitate better learning, classroom management and assessments.

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