• Corporate and Business Videos

    Corporate and Business Videos

    We make B2B corporate videos and B2C marketing videos, for all sizes of company. We’ve produced corporate films, interviews, live events videos, TV spots, web spots, product demos, animation, explainer videos, whiteboard videos and more for wireless companies, sports apparel, insurance, software companies, education products, book publishers, non-profits, and more. Our process always starts by collaborating with our clients to produce the right type of video with the right messaging and calls to action, to engage the target audience.

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  • PAF Design Week #2

    PAF Design Week #2

    For the second year in a row, Big Brand Stories produced a video promo for the Portland Ad Federation event for Design Week in Portland.

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  • PAF Design Week #1

    PAF Design Week #1

    Big Brand Stories produced this promo for the Portland Ad Federation event, “Dissecting Design,” for Design Week Portland. Featuring Eric Park, Creative Director of Ziba, Elizabeth Dye dress designer/owner of The English Department, and Sam Huff Founder/Designer of Tanner Goods leather company.

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  • Why Green Globes?

    Why Green Globes?

    Long-established Green Globes, from the Green Building Initiative, is an affordable hands-on system that assesses and certifies green buildings throughout North America. We produced this popular video explainer.

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  • Lightspeed Technologies Product Demos

    Lightspeed Technologies Product Demos

    Over the past several years, we have created many types of videos for the innovative classroom audio company, Lightspeed Technologies. This is one of a dozen and a half branded product demos we wrote, directed and produced for them.

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  • Brand VO2 for Sustainable Brand Health

    Brand VO2 for Sustainable Brand Health

    Unique big-data software platform Brand VO2 screens out 90% of online noise and helps companies measure their brand health in real-time. Its secret sauce measures brand equity, identifying emerging threats and opportunities for brand line extensions and product innovation.

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  • Spectralink SAFE Product Launch

    Spectralink SAFE Product Launch

    Working with Spectralink, the company that created the market for enterprise-wide smartphones before there were smartphones, we produced this introduction to their healthcare-centric SAFE phone features on a short deadline for an international tradeshow.

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  • Nontoxic Business: Protecting People, Planet and Profits

    Nontoxic Business: Protecting People, Planet and Profits

    The professionals at Big Brand Stories wrote and produced Nontoxic Business, a 16-minute corporate documentary that defines a new business model for corporations to manage hazardous chemicals better and use green chemistry. This award-winning documentary has been distributed to corporations worldwide, over the Internet, and in DVDs. It’s played at trade shows and special green chemistry workshops throughout the U.S.

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