• Webtrends Animation for Travel Industry

    Webtrends Animation for Travel Industry

    We wrote and produced this animated video aimed at the travel industry, capturing some 4,500 views, making it Webtrends’ most popular video ever.

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  • BBS Animation Reel

    BBS Animation Reel

    Here is our latest animation reel (from late 2014). This highlights some of styles of animation, including explainer videos, whiteboard videos, After Effects, Motion Graphics, Flash animation, and more full animation.

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  • Webtrends Animation for Financial Services Industry

    Webtrends Animation for Financial Services Industry

    This was the second in our popular series of animated videos for one of the leading web analytics firms. This one aimed at the Financial Services industry.

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  • Wallet Testing

    Wallet Testing

    We produced this animated business video for the Denver-based branding firm, BrandJuice, out of our Portland offices. It’s a whiteboard video, and explainer video that shows the great benefits of getting people to buy products before they are officially launched. It’s a BrandJuice patented process of terrific consumer insight.

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  • Animated Business Videos

    Animated Business Videos

    We work with clients to produce action-driving, branded animated business videos, from explainer videos, to whiteboard videos, full animation, CG, 2.5D animation, 3D animation and more. These include product demos, brand storytelling, and much more. There is always a strategic marketing through video focus in our work.

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  • The History of Storytelling

    The History of Storytelling

    The history of storytelling from the the caveman to the Internet Age, in four, animated minutes.

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